What Sets Us Apart

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What Sets Us Apart

We take your health and the health of your loved ones very seriously. We take pride in installing systems that adhere to the NRPP standards. The State of Montana has NO regulations in place regarding radon mitigation, so it is important that you hire a company with integrity to do the job correctly. Not all estimates are created equally....this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

  • We provide free in-home estimates; we don't guess at the price of a mitigation system over the phone. We want to meet with you and talk about various options of fan placement etc. and customize a mitigation system specifically for your home.
  • Our fans are purchased through a radon supply company; we don't buy fans at big box stores. Our fans come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • We only use 10mil Stego vapor barrier in our Active Soil Depressurization Systems; and we adhere our vapor barrier to the footings and foundations walls.
  • When we install a fan on the outside of your home, we install a water diverter to help eliminate excess water from the fan, helping to extend it's life.
  • We offer an optional fan shroud that is esthetically pleasing when fans are installed on the outside of a home while also protecting the fan from accidents or being tampered with.

In our business, we see many improperly installed radon systems that put your health at risk. if you have a system of have any questions/concernes, call us today.

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